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Fantastic as always

Yay! A Christmas special from root & digby? I'm glad a new episode was finally released. Can't wait to see more.


Jerbeh responds:

Thanks for watching!

I always love these things. What a great episode!

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

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I'm sure you know this but the calibration on the gun is off. I think if you did this properly, you could have different guns, the first one having the lowest calibration speed/ damage. To me I think it could work out.

I think to mix game play up you should only hold for 15 seconds and have to reload by then.

Ideas to keep in mind for development:
-Upgrade: x% off damage done by zombies
-Different guns, each with a bar for damage and accuracy
-Different backgrounds/ different terrains to defend in
-A coin system to get upgrades
-a mega zombie that drops one of three powerups:
1) Freeze- Freezes all zombies on screen for 5 seconds
2) Accuracy- 100% accuracy for 10 secconds
3) Damage- All damage is increased by 100% for 8 seconds

Now of course these ideas are only ideas. Obviously you are under no obligation to use these. but I think it would be cool.

That was so fun!

That was so cool!

StuffedWombat responds:


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I'm very concerned, and slightly intrigued.

That bass nearly destroyed my earbuds but it's great. The sound effects at the end sounded really real and I liked it.

Tri0443 responds:

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Woah I like it. It's really calm. I wish I could improv like that lol.


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Improvising is something that takes quite some practice :p
I want to get better as well!!
Thanks ^___^

Awesome song man, it's great to see that you got a NG account!


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I don't have the time or means to say what I think DHMIS is all about, but I will say how much I like the art!

I really love the blue shading and how it was used. I like how the yellow guy has no shading and it shows that he is in front of everything, maybe running away.

I love the cracked "camera" approach, it really helped deliver the dark theme.

Red and green together usually is one of my things I hate, but it actually worked and I don't know how.

As a person who can't draw I try to appreciate all art I come across. This was very well drawn!

0-0 That's so dark!

I am just a new song artist that will strive to make my music better!

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