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That was very fun! I really liked the border around the animation making it look like a water color painting. Great job! :)

Every part of this animation was fantastic, and I am especially impressed by the soundtrack and more importantly the sound mixing. The mix of the diegetic audio really makes you feel like you are in that space with the panning and reverb. It must’ve taken a long time and I think that has been rather under appreciated in these reviews.

All in all this is such a clever animation, and I can’t wait to see more from you guys in the future.

Excellent work Nine! Seeing this now, I understand why you have uploaded music to NG during these past couple days. As always the art/ animation looks really great.

I can tell that you've been spending quite some time beefing the sound design for your animations. The sound effects are well crafted, however I'd recommend using less (and different) reverb for your characters talking. The reverberation sounds a little metallic at times and can overpower what the characters are saying. But that's just a small change and a minor fix to think about in the future.

Other than that this episode is a great addition to the BtF saga, and I can't wait for the next installment.

9Hammer responds:

Thanks for pointing that out! I'll keep that in mind going forward since I'm sure there can be some more improvements with audio mixing.

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I'm sure you know this but the calibration on the gun is off. I think if you did this properly, you could have different guns, the first one having the lowest calibration speed/ damage. To me I think it could work out.

I think to mix game play up you should only hold for 15 seconds and have to reload by then.

Ideas to keep in mind for development:
-Upgrade: x% off damage done by zombies
-Different guns, each with a bar for damage and accuracy
-Different backgrounds/ different terrains to defend in
-A coin system to get upgrades
-a mega zombie that drops one of three powerups:
1) Freeze- Freezes all zombies on screen for 5 seconds
2) Accuracy- 100% accuracy for 10 secconds
3) Damage- All damage is increased by 100% for 8 seconds

Now of course these ideas are only ideas. Obviously you are under no obligation to use these. but I think it would be cool.

That was so fun!

That was so cool!

StuffedWombat responds:


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I can’t get enough of Aaron Long’s music! It’s always so good. He’s great at putting in small ear candy that makes the whole song just “work”

Aaron-Long responds:

aw thanks, that's really nice to hear!

This track is so dynamic! So much is happening at once and I'm all here for it. Good stuff man!

ValentNG responds:

Thank you man, really appreciate it! :D

I really how the opening of the song is in mono and the transition to stereo at 0:25. It opens the track up and helps with the vibe. This track feels like it would belong on one of those lo-fi youtube livestreams. The mix is super clean and I really respect it man.

If I had to give any recommendations/ feedback I'd say that I think this track could use something more atmospheric to juxtapose the beat. It doesn't need to be too loud, but having a pad in the background would really add volume to the second half of this track. However, that is a small thing and it doesn't detract from my score :)


TomWillson responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this! I really appreciate your for time to listen to my music. It's very important for me...it's motivate me to do more and become better every day.
Hugs and peace ;)


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This is great haha

needernadders responds:

Thank you! your stuff is great too

I am 100% here for a PMD comic. Great stuff man!

LuckyFoxPaws responds:

I must continue to PMD comic!! >:3

Lmao can I use this as a desktop background?

I'm a composer and I will always strive to make my music better!

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