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Thank you Yotam for bringing this back. Obviously don’t rush yourself, but this episode alludes towards a lot more to look forward to! I love the insights in turtle’s subconscious.

LazyMuffin responds:

oh i never rush myself, its a problem!!
thank you

That was great! I love the character designs & the color palette!

That was very fun! I really liked the border around the animation making it look like a water color painting. Great job! :)

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I'm sure you know this but the calibration on the gun is off. I think if you did this properly, you could have different guns, the first one having the lowest calibration speed/ damage. To me I think it could work out.

I think to mix game play up you should only hold for 15 seconds and have to reload by then.

Ideas to keep in mind for development:
-Upgrade: x% off damage done by zombies
-Different guns, each with a bar for damage and accuracy
-Different backgrounds/ different terrains to defend in
-A coin system to get upgrades
-a mega zombie that drops one of three powerups:
1) Freeze- Freezes all zombies on screen for 5 seconds
2) Accuracy- 100% accuracy for 10 secconds
3) Damage- All damage is increased by 100% for 8 seconds

Now of course these ideas are only ideas. Obviously you are under no obligation to use these. but I think it would be cool.

That was so fun!

That was so cool!

StuffedWombat responds:


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Wow! I love how you embraced the 8 bit nature of the art in your music! It really sounds like it belongs in the space of that light house, which is cool. Your melody is super fun and I was drawn right in from the start. I also like the parts with the piano, it’s super calming!

There were a few moments when the bass was slightly overpowering and it made some harsh tones. I also think the bitcrush on the sound effects was a little much at times.

Either way, fantastic art and song! Great job :)

BaraAmann responds:

Hey ! thank you for feedback
Yep its look like the bass is taking a too much space a some point
and i wasn't sure about the crush too, anyway thanks for the feedback!

This is so calm! I like it :)

MassiveMarioLuigi700 responds:

Thanks dude!

I love the monkey king, and seeing an EDM song inspired by artwork of his myth is amazing. It’s so great, keep up the good work!

V-Future responds:

Thank you very much, I worked really hard on this one to achieve this sound!

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This is great haha

needernadders responds:

Thank you! your stuff is great too

I am 100% here for a PMD comic. Great stuff man!

LuckyFoxPaws responds:

I must continue to PMD comic!! >:3

Lmao can I use this as a desktop background?

I'm a composer and I will always strive to make my music better!

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