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I'm sure you know this but the calibration on the gun is off. I think if you did this properly, you could have different guns, the first one having the lowest calibration speed/ damage. To me I think it could work out.

I think to mix game play up you should only hold for 15 seconds and have to reload by then.

Ideas to keep in mind for development:
-Upgrade: x% off damage done by zombies
-Different guns, each with a bar for damage and accuracy
-Different backgrounds/ different terrains to defend in
-A coin system to get upgrades
-a mega zombie that drops one of three powerups:
1) Freeze- Freezes all zombies on screen for 5 seconds
2) Accuracy- 100% accuracy for 10 secconds
3) Damage- All damage is increased by 100% for 8 seconds

Now of course these ideas are only ideas. Obviously you are under no obligation to use these. but I think it would be cool.

That was so fun!

That was so cool!

StuffedWombat responds:


I feel like this game was designed extremely well, but there isn't enough actual content to call this a full game. If there was just a little more. The following is a list of suggestions that I would REALLY FREAKING LOVE to see in this game:

1) Maybe a tournament mode where it divides this up among a given amount of people. You could do the default setting of two, then three, four (I don't know how you would split the tournament graph, but it would make this more amazing)

2) Not everyone will have another person to play with. So I recommend a singleplayer mode where you play against a computer. I realize this is a BUTTLOAD of coding to do but it would seriously improve the game (And another suggestion that I realize is way too much coding, is that you can choose the difficulty of the computer 1-10, 1 being a trainer 10 being warrior or something)

3) One thing that would make this game feel fulfilled would to have the winner of a singleplayer/ tournament match face a boss. This would be an amazing chance to bring amazing music. The music you have used so far is really well placed. Now try to imagine those chords accept louder and in slow, but strong pulses. And then have a boss to fight with that. The boss would be a part of the background. This boss would be the reason the world became hostile in the first place, and is the last thing standing between you and the portal.

I know these suggestions may sound ridiculous and like too much work, but I feel like this would get featured on the front page if those were implemented. I'm not going to pretend that I can make games either. I have only made a few and they all suck. I know that you are really gifted though and you should be going far.

All in all, the art and music and gameplay is mind blowing. Seriously, please do not stop at all because you will get featured on NG if you create content that is this quality, that you can play a log time. But the content in this game still lacks.

HinzArt responds:

Such awesome feedback! Thank you!!

Im getting all of your suggestions. I mean AI is a whole new thing and this project is actually not the first game I designed but the very first game I produced. I totally get that it would be nice if there was more content. Its very story driven and works together with the 360°-illustrations on the game website, where you can visit locations out of the games story and find story elements within them. I really recommend checking those out. Link is in the Author's Comments.

I can especially imagine a "solo mode". The two player scenario, it is right now, is made for those "chilling with friends" kind of evenings, parties etc. But in a campaign mode you could fight for survival and then play the person who's left behind and maybe have to fight against something thats on the planet. Or discover more of the planet or ...

Glad you liked it so far, enjoyed the art style, music and gameplay. There is a lot of "lacking the word"... passion + hard work in this project I hope people will enjoy. And thanks again for your detailed feedback!


I think the idea is clever, but not executed properly (With the colors used). I think if there was a strong theme with the backgrounds, it would be very fun. There should also be music and a mute button (The bees do get irritating.) But, this is very good!

TheeSeaverShow responds:

There is a mute button on the home screen. What colors would you suggest? I'm always open to suggestions and would love to hear some! :D

This is super clever :D You have to ask as little questions as you can so you still can ask questions at level two. My high score is 3 cases in a row.... this is tough but fun! Is there any way we could get the main title music? XD For some reason I want it.

Super clever! :D

I'm so sorry that people have blamed this. I think it is a great game. The artwork is awesome :D like others before me, please add a mute button. The same chords get annoying.


Dude, this is freaking awesome! I think that there is no flaw within the game! I would maybe recommend adding multiple difficulties to the computer, but whatever. 5/5!

MahiScarGames responds:

Thankz dude...

I'm a composer and I will always strive to make my music better!

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