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Wow! I love how you embraced the 8 bit nature of the art in your music! It really sounds like it belongs in the space of that light house, which is cool. Your melody is super fun and I was drawn right in from the start. I also like the parts with the piano, it’s super calming!

There were a few moments when the bass was slightly overpowering and it made some harsh tones. I also think the bitcrush on the sound effects was a little much at times.

Either way, fantastic art and song! Great job :)

BaraAmann responds:

Hey ! thank you for feedback
Yep its look like the bass is taking a too much space a some point
and i wasn't sure about the crush too, anyway thanks for the feedback!

This is so calm! I like it :)

MassiveMarioLuigi700 responds:

Thanks dude!

I love the monkey king, and seeing an EDM song inspired by artwork of his myth is amazing. It’s so great, keep up the good work!

V-Future responds:

Thank you very much, I worked really hard on this one to achieve this sound!

Woah, this wasn’t just a song…. it was an EXPERIENCE! The water in the beginning really puts you in the artwork and I absolutely love it. The voices are so creepy and yet that works perfectly for the track. Wow. I am extremely impressed with this song. Wonderful job.

Wow, I absolutely love this track. It’s so groovy and yet electronic the whole time. It’s almost what I’d expect the music in the “future” would sound like. Great job

This is so dark! The low strings propel this whole track forward. Keep up the good work!

Yo this is sick! That epic choir really adds a lot of UMPH into this track. I also really like your orchestration here.

Abendland responds:

Appreciate your feedback a lot! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, cheers, Chris

Yo that bass is liquid! I really like the gritty sound design throughout the track, it really glues the whole thing together.

Dang, this is a great track man! Makes me really nostalgic for all the EDM I used to listen to like 5 years ago. Great job, this song was produced very well :)

AustonMusic responds:

Thank you! :)

I can’t get enough of Aaron Long’s music! It’s always so good. He’s great at putting in small ear candy that makes the whole song just “work”

Aaron-Long responds:

aw thanks, that's really nice to hear!

I'm a composer and I will always strive to make my music better!

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