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Posted by Irish-Soul - April 6th, 2016

[-] Welcome to my page! [-]

[-] The following are some plans that I am thinking about [-]


[- I am currently working on a rock song!

[- I think I'm going to make a sick dubstep song with ALL the WUBS!

[- My last chiptune song turned out rather nice so I may try that again.

[- I am super busy in my life right now so these songs may take forever to come out.

[- Although I love my username of helloyourbored, I think I will change it to IrishSoul. IrishSoul just sounds so much more professional.


  • If one wanted to use my music from newgrounds, it is always free as long as you credit this page.

  • If you want me to create a costom song, I may want at least some pay however that is. We can dispute the details. If you pay me, you don't have to credit me.



Chiptune music. I love and make chiptune music. Try SEGA Genesis. It's gritty and bassy without being overly complex.

Hmmmm. I just listened to that stuff (A couple of songs) and I'm a little confused with the actual music theory behind it (I'm OCD and always need to know what I'm doing before I do it). Some of the notes didn't match up in the samples I listened to. Just a note to make: The one chiptune song wasn't exactly a hard song. It was tipping to instrumental. I would love to expand my horizons and do more of a gritty chiptune song. The problem is that I'm not good with baselines (That's why I wanted to practice with dubstep so I could learn more). I am also confused with the types of chords used in this genre of music you requested. I'm not an avid listener to the general chiptune music style, so I will really have a hard time making another song. I would love to make an *attempt at a good, well- thought chiptune song.

If you wanna try SEGA Genesis, that would be where to start. It's not 100% accurate to the sound of the real thing, but it comes close enough for the average listener.
Most of the time, I don't even use chords. When I do, it's usually because I have to. I get confused on the theory myself when it comes to metal. So many of the MIDI files for metal songs seem to have two note chords spaced either 5 or 7 half steps apart, which is all well. The part that confuses me is the fact that these "chords" don't follow any kind of typical progression, yet it sounds good. This is why I don't write any heavy metal songs. I don't understand the theory behind it. If/when I do understand it, I'll start writing some metal songs.
Almost everything I write is based on a melody. Usually my bass line either mirrors or harmonizes with the backing track. When I do covers, it's always a pain in the ass. I have to reduce chord structures to two notes, or sometimes just take the root notes. I usually find that this leads to it sounding like the way I write anyway. The chords that I destroy end up mirroring the bass, or at least harmonizing with it.
But, for the most part, you want to avoid chords altogether in chiptune music. Makes things easier to manage when it comes to mixing, anyway.